Greetings! I’m a dedicated coder during the day and an aspiring writer at night, and this website is a glimpse into my world. I call India my home and share it with a delightful companion named Jack – my beloved dog. I relish unexpected moments in the rain, and this page is all about me.

My coding journey began in 2012, brimming with grand ambitions and an unwavering determination to conquer every technical challenge that came my way. I spent two years immersed in the world of HTML and PHP before venturing into VBAccess and Excel for a year. In 2015, I rekindled my passion for PHP, coupled with D3.js. 2016 marked the inception of my journey with .NET, and I’ve never looked back since. While .NET remains my primary focus, I’ve expanded my expertise to encompass technologies like Kafka, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle DB. My recent adventures include three years of hands-on experience with Azure, delving into pipelines and PowerShell scripting.

I’ve always sensed a gap between beginners and professionals, which fueled my desire to teach newcomers and students the techniques that only seasoned experts truly grasp. With several years of professional experience under my belt, I’ve come to understand that a profound sense of responsibility is the cornerstone of success. It’s this belief that drove me to start writing in 2018, and I’m profoundly grateful to the C# Corner team for providing an exceptional platform to contribute to the community.

Currently, I’m employed at a multinational corporation with a global presence across more than 50 countries, making significant strides in the retail sector.

Throughout my professional journey, I’ve encountered numerous challenges and faced low points. Yet, it’s precisely these trials and tribulations that infuse life with its rich tapestry of experiences, making it both intriguing and enjoyable.

What’s on the horizon for me?

I aspire to impart the fundamentals of professionalism and coding to college students. Every year, millions of students graduate, with a substantial portion left bewildered by the expectations of the professional world. It’s my firm belief that we must first provide students with a guiding light, setting them on the right path to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead.

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